Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Pair mug shots with each perp's handle

Examine the booking photos of five arre…
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“Andaaz is a 2003 film starring Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra. The story revolves around two friends Raj and Kajal. Raj meets with an accident in his childhood and looses confidence to walk without support. Kajal helps him get back on his feet. They become the best of friends. Both of them are very passionate about planes. When Raj grows up he leaves to join the Air force only to come back and propose Kajal. When Raj comes back Kajal tells him that she has found the love of her life, Karan. A heartbroken Raj puts on a happy face and asks Kajal to marry Karan. Soon Raj leaves for Capetown for further training. There he meets Jiya who falls in love with him. He refuses to go out with her as he still can’t forget Kajal. One day he leaves for India and finds out that Jiya already staying with his family. Later he agrees to marry Jiya. Soon he realises that Kajal is Jiya’s sister-in-law and that Jiya is depressed as she lost her husband in a plane crash. Raj helps her come out of this depression. Jiya doesn’t like the growing bonding between them. She finds out that Raj was madly in love with Kajal, his childhood friend. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

YOR – 2003
Star Cast – Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra
Director – Raj Kanwar
Producer – Suneel Darshan
Cinematographer – Ishwar R. Bidri
Music Director – Nadeem-Shravan
Lyricist – Sameer
Story – Raj Kanwar
Screenplay – Rohit Bhatt and Shyam Goel
Dialogues – Jainendra Jain
Editor – Sanjay Sankla

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