Saturday, July 9, 2016

How people of different races can move forward together

Despite the deep divide between law enforcement and communities of color, people of all backgrounds need to be part of the solution

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A call to action from Dylan Box, Detroit Tradecraft, and Ashur Collective.

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It’s never a bad thing to have an impoverished city change for the better.

We all love Detroit. We want to see it experience good times again.

But it’s a problem when inequality rears its ugly head and makes the change uneven.

It’s not just those occupying luxury lofts who deserve to live in Detroit.

We all do.

If we don’t nip the issue of inequality in the bud now, we’ll end up back where we were in the ’60’s.

Recently, we’ve noticed more people speaking out about Detroit’s renaissance and how it’s being affected by racism and classism.

We think the open conversation is exactly what Detroit needs.

If you’re watching this and have an opinion about Detroit’s new era of change, it’s time to publish what you think.

Put your words on the internet. Write a blog. Write a column.

Put your essay on paper. Read it at an open mic. Create posters displaying your message. Spread them around.

Take the words you write and make them a reality. Create spaces that everyone feels comfortable in.

Inequality doesn’t just go away. It takes a conscious effort to make the world one without barriers.

The burden of responsibility to stop inequality rests in the decisions you make, the businesses you support, and the people you hire.

It’s the responsibility of everyone in Detroit to build and promote a city that is accessible for all races and classes of people.

Detroit’s story is being written. The world is watching us and rooting for us.

Lend your voice and help change the tide.

Your words and actions just might change history.
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How people of different races can move forward together

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