Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tijuana: 16 year old killed in targeted execution

16 year old boy killed as gunmen storm house
The violence lulls, the numbers shift, ebb and tide, but the killings remains.  The cruel realities of Tijuana and similar cities are omnipresent, any absence, any relief, is almost an illusion, a mirage, that exists and drifts away in the same breath.  Yes, killings in Tijuana were down last month, however, bodies still fall, and in the Colonia’s beset by violence and everyday brutality, the bloodshed remains regardless. 

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A manhunt is on for a suspect OR suspects in the execution-style killings of eight Rhoden family members. Officials say it happened in four separate homes in Ohio’s Pike County. (SOUNDBITE) (English) KIMBERLY NEWMAN, OHIO CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM, SAYING: “They ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers.” The family has also issued a plea asking the public to come forward with any information to assist investigators. Who have not yet publicly identified a possible motive in the massacre. And yet another mass murder, Friday… police say Wayne Anthony Hawes is suspected of killing five people east of Atlanta, and then turning the gun on himself. Officials say the shooting spree involved members of his wife’s family. Authorities recently discovered THIS drug tunnel running between San Diego and Tijuana… one that officials say is the length of around 9 football fields. (SOUNDBITE) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA U.S. DISTRICT ATTORNEY LAURA DUFFY, SAYING: “On the surface I think it’s fair to say that traffickers were moving multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana.” Authorities say six people were arrested when the tunnel was discovered. And in Delaware this weekend, students pay tribute to one of their own. Police are searching for answers in the death of a 16-year-old, after a fight in the school’s restroom.

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Tijuana: 16 year old killed in targeted execution

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