Friday, October 14, 2016

In Florida, Only Seven Jurors Can Put You to Death

The other quirk in the state’s death penalty system….
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CHARLOTTE, MICHIGAN — The family of Deven Guilford, a teenager from Mulliken, Michigan who was shot by an Eaton County Sheriff’s sergeant earlier this year during a traffic stop, is suing the officer and the county after a prosecutor cleared the officer of wrongdoing.

Deven Guilford, 17, was driving on M-43 near Grand Ledge to go watch a movie at his girlfriend house on the evening of February 28.

Eaton County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jonathan Frost pulled Guilford over after Guilford flashed his bright lights at his car because he thought the sergeant’s headlights were on.

In a video recorded by the officer’s body camera, Frost repeatedly asked Guilford for his license. When it was evident the teen didn’t have his license with him, the sergeant asked Guilford to exit the car, saying he was under arrest.

Frost then told Guilford to lay down on his stomach, next to the car. Frost tried to handcuff him, but when the teen resisted, the officer tased him. According to Detroit Free Press, only one of the taser’s two probes connected, and Guilford was able to get on top of Frost and hit him in the face.

WLNS reports that Frost then put his gun against the teen’s chest and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire at first, but then unjammed and fired seven shots at close range in four seconds. Guilford died at the scene, while Frost was injured and hospitalized.

According to the Detroit Free Press, in their lawsuit, the teen’s family is seeking a jury trial but no monetary damages. The lawsuit says Frost’s “entire course of action was illegal and in violation of Deven’s constitutional rights.”


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In Florida, Only Seven Jurors Can Put You to Death

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